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Right Turn Rally is an AKC titling event.

The titles offered at each level are Rally Novice (RN), Rally Advanced (RA), and Rally Excellent (RE). Each one is earned by earning three qualifying scores (legs) at three obedience trials. The advanced title Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) is earned by qualifying ten times in both Advanced B and Excellent B at the same trial, and is numbered to reflect how many times it has been earned (after the 20th leg, title will be RAE2, after the 30th, it will be RAE3, etc.).

The dog and handler team move continuously through a rally course of 10-20 signs with the dog at the handler's left side. At each numbered sign they perform the indicated exercise then move to the next sign. Unlimited communication is encouraged - the handler can talk to the dog and give multiple commands and signals. Scoring is less rigorous than traditional obedience.

AKC Rally Page - Visit the AKC web site for complete information on rally rules, judging, and exercise descriptions.

Rally Signs (Microsoft Word format) - One sign per page. Click to download sign file. Print the signs. Laminate them or put them in sheet protectors with cardboard backing. (Note: Current as of January 1, 2008.)

- Free download: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Blank Course Template - Microsoft Word format
Signs for Drawing a Course - Microsoft Word format
Note: Not yet updated for 2008 rule/sign changes!
Download the two template documents. Open both of them. Right click to select and copy a sign from the sign document. Paste it into the blank course document. Drag it where you want it. Draw lines from sign to sign using the "Drawing" toolbar. Be sure to save the course to a new file name.
Sample Novice Course - Microsoft Word format

Rally Mailing List - Join the rally style obedience mailing list. To subscribe, visit the web site.

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Updated January 22, 2008

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